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Why Corbyn reminds me of Trump

Posted by Simon Parke, 07 March 2017, 6.25am

Labour-supporting Stephen Hawking spoke of his disappointment with Jeremy Corbyn this week.

I find my lesser mind in the same boat as Mr Hawking and here I attempt to explain why.

Britain is (temporarily) a dictatorship.

There is no opposition.

I don’t like a government without opposition.

It’s what we mockingly used to call ‘a banana republic.’

And it’s what we presently are.

I’m angry that Jeremy Corbyn has allowed this to become so. I feel he needs to take some responsibility.

Jeremy is an old mucker of mine from Islington, he was my MP for many years, we’d meet occasionally at meetings or watching our sons play football…a nice man, no airs.

Yet he has contrived to make a Tory party - with a threadbare Commons majority - quite invincible.

He doesn’t seem to see it that way.

He reminds us (as polls and by-elections speak of an abyss for Labour) that Labour is the biggest party in Europe…for membership

And these members are on his side…so there!

‘He has the biggest mandate of any Labour leader in history!’ say his cheer leaders.

I won’t get into a ‘My mandate’s bigger than yours’ discussion.

But the truth is, this is a mandate for a protest party.

If you wish to lead a national party, you need to be able to work with and enthuse those who are different to you.

And he appears to struggle with this.

Corbyn’s shadow cabinet is not well-peopled. Everyone’s doubling up to cover the jobs, but this isn’t due to maternity leave or sickness. It is simply a haunted house of the departed.

But it’s their fault, of course - they are ignoring his mandate!

And remember, Labour is the biggest party in Europe!! - for membership.

Have I mentioned that?

And this is where Corbyn reminds me of Trump.

Trump rules for the (diminishing) 36% who support him.

They are his home, his people…just as Corbyn’s Labour party members are his.

Trump bigs his people up, everyone else is bad. And Corbyn seems to do the same.

But this is not leadership, this is desperation.

Different days, different man, but it reminds me of Hitler in his Berlin bunker, fuming at the decreasing number of people he could rely on.

I like magnanimous leadership that can hold an adventure, that can take people, different sorts of people, with them without demonization.

Neither Corbyn or Trump appear able to do this; theirs is the insecure leadership of the bunker.

They show themselves to be protestors, not leaders.

And in Britain, this leaves us with a dictatorship…when so many good people rage against the night.

What damage done before the cavalry arrives?

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