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Your Soul Cafe

Posted by Simon Parke, 27 July 2019, 9.06am

I was once sent a cartoon and it sits beside me now.

It’s a picture of a street restaurant, ‘The Disillusionment Cafe’, where a customer sits dejected at the table.

He’s been waiting for some time when the waiter arrives to explain the situation:

‘You order is not ready nor will it ever be.’

While I laugh, I’m reminded of my own pointless waiting for others to serve me, for others to save me…when no one can.

In our own Soul Cafe, it is different. We need not wait for waiters there; we’re able to serve ourselves.

You could go there now, to your Soul Cafe: open the shutters, turn on the oven, clear some space, bake some bread, smell the coffee, this is your place, your adventure…

...enjoy it.

(This meditation is taken from my One Minute Meditation book, published by White Crow)

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