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Mindful Lifebelts

Photo of Simon with the Mindful Lifebelts app

Life can be hard and there are times when we all need a little extra help.

Mindful Lifebelts gives you 50 short thoughts and mini meditations to help you cope with life’s flood of stresses and strains.

The meditations offered draw on Simon’s wide experience of helping people live more mindful lives through being aware of how our thoughts affect our feelings and our sense of connection with other people and the world around us.

You’ll find here a spectrum of negative emotions – difficult feelings which can hijack us at any moment: disappointment, anxiety, shame, regret and feeling empty and lost. Simon’s wisdom gently guides you through how to handle these emotions and how to replace them with more positive feelings such as self-acceptance, self-awareness, courage and trust.

And don’t worry if you’re busy. The app has been designed to make it as easy as possible for you to grab a mindful lifebelt wherever and whenever suits you, making it the perfect companion for those with even the busiest of lives.

Simon’s friendly writing style and kind voice make this a very accessible self-help app. The thoughts may be short but the wisdom behind them has taken a lifetime to develop.

To sum up, the Mindful Lifebelts app features:

• 50 short written thoughts and mini meditations to help you cope with life’s difficulties and negative emotions such as disappointment, anxiety, shame, regret and feeling empty and lost

• Guidance on how to increase self-acceptance, self-awareness, courage, trust and happiness

• The audio for every lifebelt recorded by Simon Parke

• Favourites button so you can organize the lifebelts that are most useful to you

• Share button to email a mindful lifebelt to a friend or loved one

available on the App Store



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