Simon Parke  
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Enneagram retreat

18-22 March 2019
Holland House, Cropthorne, Pershore WR10 3NB

No matter where you are on the Enneagram journey, whether a beginner or some way down the path, here is safe, insightful space for exploration of this deep and liberating teaching.

In a contemplative spirit, including both community and silence, we will sit with the truths that arise for us along the way and see where they lead; you need bring only an open spirit.

The Enneagram does disturb people, so be open to that as well. As Jesus says in the Gospel of Thomas, ‘Whoever searches must continue to search until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed; and being disturbed, they will marvel and reign over all.’

There will also be the chance to meet with Simon one-to-one if you wish.

Limited spaces are available on this retreat.

To enquire about booking, please email Holland House.