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The Mindful Way

Mon-Fri, 13-17 Nov 2017
Sheldon, Sheldon Lane, Doddiscombsleigh, Exeter EX6 7YT

Mindfulness is much spoken of these days and thriving in business, healthcare and education. But what is the essence of mindful living? And how can it help me?

On this retreat, through teaching, meditation and silence, we’ll ponder the purpose and practice of mindfulness; we’ll consider how we engage with and process our thoughts and feelings and how, through such awareness, we might live more spacious and more present lives.

Mindfulness is attitude rather than technique; process rather than belief. And sometimes three deep breaths is the most creative thing we can do.

This is a guided silent retreat with the chance to see Simon one-to-one if you wish. Daily offices with the Sheldon Community.

To make a booking or an enquiry, contact Sheldon here