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Photo of sun and sea

A Bendigo boy

Newsletter: May 2021

Dear web friend

A brief letter to you as, in the UK, summer struggles uncertainly towards us, managing a slow limp amid the frost. Bright light… but brass monkeys.

I’m just aware that this Saturday, May 8th, I’m appearing at the Bendigo Writers Festival. I’ll be interviewed online from Australia by the excellent Meredith Lake; not someone to mess with. We’ll be talking about my latest book, Gospel: Rumours of Love, and I suspect she’ll give me nowhere to hide – and all this terror before breakfast at 8.15am, BST.

If you’d like to join us, follow this link:

Rumours of Love

And if you can’t see me there, you can see me here. Sitting in my garden, I recorded a piece called ‘Chasing my dream’ recently, and if you have the patience and inclination – forgive the seagulls – here it is, in all its three minute glory.

Chasing my dream

I hope to manage a few more words next time, but sometimes less is more, and least is sheer heaven.

I leave you with John Ball’s vision of heaven from All Shall Be Well: The Musical, wonderfully sung by Zac Hamilton.

One Day

Remembering you today

Simon x

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