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On Julian and Narnia

Newsletter: March 2021

Dear web friend

Greetings again – and I write because I wish you to be the first to know. I will tell others soon, but not before I’ve told you. And the news?

All Shall Be Well: the Musical is out.

You’ll be aware from mutterings of mine that I’ve been working on a musical, with the wonderful Martin Hoile, on the life and times of Julian of Norwich. Some of you have been appreciative of the closing song, ‘All Shall Be Well’, which has been up on my site for a while. And now all the songs are available.

If you’d like to read a little about how and why the musical came into being, follow this link:

All Shall Be Well: the Musical

If you’d prefer to cut out the middle man and just listen to the songs themselves, and possibly buy one or two (such things happen, you know), go here:

Songs from All Shall Be Well

Meanwhile, as Narnia thaws and the long Covid winter is touched hesitantly by the sun, the only practical change presently in the UK is the welcome return of schools. It’s so good to hear the young people laughing and shouting together again. ‘It makes my heart sing!’ said one headteacher. And recently, I was in a school speaking with a large number of sixteen year-olds about their mental wellbeing. What would you have said to them? This is what I said – though I suspect your words would have been better.

My words to some sixteen-year-olds

Have you been vaccinated yet? I was fortunate enough to be done last week – Astra Zeneca, with no obvious side-effects apart from a Bakewell tart afterwards to celebrate. (And that isn’t a euphemism.) Whether you’ve had yours or are still waiting, I wish you good health and high hopes.

My goodness, what some of us have been through, and each with a story to tell… look after yours, it’s precious.

Until soon

Simon x

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