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Painting of Meister Eckhart

The buoyant soul

Newsletter: December 2020

Dear web friends

Greetings again and I’ll not keep you long; you’ll have other things to do. It is the season for having other things to do; and then further things beyond those other things.

And anyway, I come only to wish you grace. It’s hardly urgent, hardly breaking news.

But ‘house stuff’ first. I don’t know who you’re spending Advent with; but I’ve been with Meister Eckhart, the 14th century prior of Erfurt monastery, in Thuringia, in modern-day Germany. I’ve always found him very good company; we do go back a bit. Indeed, I find less of the fool in him than almost anyone, and I’ve been blogging his wonderful words daily, with a brief and inadequate commentary from myself (in whom there remains a great deal of fool).

If you wish to catch up on any of these, they are here, all in a row:

Simon Parke blog

And yes, my Jesus novel, Gospel: Rumours of Love now has a page of its own. More of this adventure on the other side of Christmas, the other side of Brexit and amid the prickfest (let the reader understand) that will be the remarkable roll-out of Covid vaccinations. But if you fancied a little premature browsing, here’s where:

Gospel: Rumours of Love

But mainly, as I say, I come to wish you grace, however that will look in your life, right here and right now. And I do like the way Eckhart speaks of it.

‘The effect of grace is to make the soul buoyant and responsive to the works of God, for grace bubbles up from the divine spring. It is a likeness of God, has a divine aroma, and makes the soul like God.

Now when this grace and aroma enters the will, we call it love; and when this grace and aroma enters our intelligence, we call it the light of faith. And when this grace and aroma enters the irascible part of us – that is, the dynamic power of our gut – then we call it hope.’

And so love, faith and hope arrive, bubbling up from the divine spring in a moment of deep refreshment.

Now that’s what I call Christmas.

Wishing you such kind and tinselled days, my friend

Simon x

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