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The flame-keeper

Newsletter: December 2019

Dear Web friend

Greetings again as days shorten and darkness legthens. And in this chill terrain of bare trees and sodden earth, so far from summer’s lease, I’m reminded of the flame-keeper.

In the old days, the flame-keeper was an important figure in the village. He protected the flame that warmed and lit the people’s vulnerable lives.

The calling was for all seasons, but in bleak midwinter, they looked to him the most. Amid high winds and lashing rain, deep darkness and frosty cold, the flame-keeper nurtured the orange embers.

Daily he took himself away from the crowd, and in the stillness of the wood, lovingly maintained the fire, through snow and thunder, through ice and freeze. How else would the people survive? If the fire died… well, it didn’t bear thinking about.

And so through fair and foul, we withdraw from the world and kindle the flame within. In solitude we stir bright embers of courage, kindness, honesty, openness, clarity, simplicity and hope.

In deepest winter, the hearth of the heart is nurtured and the flickering flame fed. Such luminesence! We shall not fear the dark.

Wishing you a Christmas of stillness, kindness, wonder and rest,

Simon x

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