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Picture postcard of The Village

The Village

It was Dickens who inspired this story. Back in 2008, I wanted to write something in weekly instalments, as he did with many of his books – an early form of soap opera. And I wanted the instalments full of melodrama, morality, characters, comedy and cliff-hangers.

The Village is the result, set in Misty Longings, the most beautiful village in England, where they discover a hole in the road.

It proves a rather village-changing discovery…

Part 1

Chapter 1: Just as day is dawning
Chapter 2: Patricia counts her cards
Chapter 3: Behind the marmalade
Chapter 4: Cat got your tongue?
Chapter 5: The Queen of Misty Longings
Chapter 6: Cadbury runs an errand
Chapter 7: Down at the ‘Dog and Whistle’
Chapter 8: Morning has broken
Chapter 9: A country lane at sunset
Chapter 10: Dr Hafiz’s busy day
Chapter 11: The emerald bird
Chapter 12: The tilting tower
Chapter 13: Sweet sherry
Chapter 14: A train in the distance
Chapter 15: And much much more!
Chapter 16: A perfect hatred

Part 2

Chapter 17: The Winter Fayre
Chapter 18: Could it be the cheese?
Chapter 19: Mice with wings
Chapter 20: After the Lord Mayor’s show
Chapter 21: Meeow!
Chapter 22: Azure’s leap of faith
Chapter 23: Uncivil wars!
Chapter 24: The longest night of the year
Chapter 25: Night lights
Chapter 26: A holey day
Chapter 27: Housing matters
Chapter 28: Don’t tell anyone!
Chapter 29: Film night at the manor
Chapter 30: Monday, Monday

Part 3

Chapter 31: Dragged down the street
Chapter 32: Shimmering like silver
Chapter 33: Greedy Mr Gloom
Chapter 34: Golden moments
Chapter 35: The bath must wait!
Chapter 36: Dead gorgeous!
Chapter 37: The zero hour
Chapter 38: An unusual funeral
Chapter 39: Village conversations

Who’s who in Misty Longings

Cadbury – She’s a fruit and nut case, always imagining things!
Inky – The butcher’s boy, who’s always inquiring!
Billy – He’s full of fury! An angry young man often locked up!
Dr Hafiz – He’s as Persian as a carpet and medical as well!
Mrs Post – She sorts things. She sorts the post, and everything else!
Mrs Pump – She does for people!
D. Press – David runs Café Disappointment! It just isn’t working!
Rex – Wears a dog collar, and prays for people!
Alky – Algernon Key doth like his gin a little!
Patricia – She’s gorgeous and so good with everyone!
Lord Jo – New money, old manor, he gets things done!
Reality Jane – Lives down Long Lane and sees things!
The Kid – Sometimes seen; seen, but never heard! Who is she?!