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I believe mental health is everyone’s issue and mental wealth, everyone’s birthright; and so I help people look after their minds amid their demanding and sometimes difficult lives, in both personal and business settings.

Contrary to popular belief, people seek such help not because they’re mad but because they’re sane. It’s the first sign of sanity to understand that when you look after your mind, you look after yourself and therefore others.

Therapy is concerned with your journey to well-being, to being happy in your skin. This journey takes place through the offer of safe, insightful space, in which your story can be heard.

Surprisingly, safe space is rare in our lives… we’re often editing, depending on who we’re with. I offer safe, non-judgmental space in which there need be no editing; and insightful space to help you reflect with awareness on your past and present.

To a large extent, our past has made us, but it need not define us; we do, however, sometimes need help to journey to a new place. And sometimes we need to be brave.

Because we all have different needs, I use a variety of approaches. The human mystery cannot be contained within any one system or model. And sometimes it’s just good to talk, to speak our feelings out loud. 

I offer both personal and business consultancy. I describe them here separately, though clearly, they are ultimately one.

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