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Business consultancy

Over the past few years, I have worked with various organisations and businesses, promoting mental well-being among their staff.

These include Southampton City Council (work now concluded) and ongoing relationships with the NHS, Abel and Cole, the Church of England, MRL Recruitment and the ABN AMRO Bank. In this work, I’m employed by both The Mind Clinic (sponsored by The Kilriver Trust) and the Ian McMonagle Partnership, as well as working through private contacts.

Why is mind health important in business? Stress, depression and anxiety all impact on the workplace and the effects are often destructive, with in-house relationships and performance affected. For this reason, care of the staff’s mental health is increasingly recognised as crucial by enlightened businesses and CEOs. I offer such businesses and their employees, safe, insightful and confidential space in their work setting:

This work includes

Onsite one-to-one support for management and staff.

Ongoing work supervision offsite.

One-to-one care of individuals in crisis.

Group days / half-days / sessions around the issues of mind care, self-awareness and being present.

Retreats for those who need more space to consider things.

Considering consultancy?

If you are considering business consultancy and would like to talk about it, please contact me here.


My name is Islay Downey. I’m Senior Parenting Practitioner for Southampton City Council and until I started meeting with Simon, I hadn’t appreciated the importance of receiving regular support. Simon’s ability to get to the root of situations is second to none. He allowed me the space to look at relationships within the work setting and the impact my home life was having on my work and vice versa. The result has been improved work output and a better work-life balance. I am now able to remain calm in situations and can take time to respond rather than react. My team has a manager they respect and can trust with their emotions. I cannot recommend Simon strongly enough. What he offers is badly needed in many work settings.’

My name is Marisa Bouman. I am a Senior Occupational Therapist working in Forensic Mental Health in London. I have responsibility for a team of ten staff. What’s my experience of working with Simon? Extremely beneficial. The World Health Organisation says ‘there’s no health without mental health’, and this is so true at work. I decided to receive support from Simon at my own expense because what he offers enables me to remain in my job. We’re simply more productive when we’re awake to life and I believe having a safe therapeutic space to explore worries, concerns and difficult interpersonal dynamics is essential for a good life. The benefit to my employer is that I’ve stayed productive in an incredibly demanding and broken system. After six months of seeing Simon I was required to review the change in hours that this support necessitated. At this review my manager said, ‘Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it – it’s working.’



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