Simon Parke  
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Retreats: adventures of the spirit

To go on retreat is a hard and brave lunacy, but also a rewarding one. It is hard to remove ourselves from our ever pressing present. There’s so much to be done! Yet what bravery to leave it all behind for adventures of the spirit. And the reward? We go on retreat to remind ourselves who we are, and discover who we might be. These things are sometimes lost in the rush.

When I offer a retreat, I offer a safe and exploring place for you to find out the things your best self already knows and works for.

Retreats have been important in my own life. I have particularly benefited from silent, nine-day, individually guided retreats. I have also been privileged enough to lead retreats, quiet days and away weekends for various groups and organisations. I have been a student of the enneagram for 20 years, and for the last 15 years have taught it, in groups and on retreat. I see people for individual guidance.

I was a priest in the Church of England for 20 good years, but left knowing my soul needed some time to cry, some time to die and some time to start again. There was so much in my cupboard I had no need of.

I worked for three years in a supermarket where I stacked shelves, worked on the till, filled in on the bakery and chaired the shop union. Was it different to being a priest? Nothing is really different. We take ourselves wherever we go. I’ve now dared go freelance.

Who knows? Perhaps you will dare a retreat.

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