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Politics and the wayside flower (Sep 19)
About the pencil case (Aug 19)
Happy/sad (Jul 19)
Cause... and effect (Mar 19)
When only the impossible will do (Feb 19)
Profitable wonders? (Dec 18)
Stop what you’re doing (Oct 18)
One bloody thing after another? (Sep 18)
And so this is Christmas (Aug 18)
Norwich’s finest. Or, Julian cuts the mustard (Jun 18)

Every now and then, sort-of monthly, I write a newsletter, mixing news of what I’m up to and reflections on life. So it might be about murder mystery, retreats, therapy, comedy… or chasing mice around my flat. It does vary.

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But the newsletters are also here for you on site, forming an orderly queue, newsletters past and present.

The future must remain a mystery.


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