All the light we cannot see

It is early, before curtains open, kettles boil and dreams let go of our souls. The world is quiet.

And I’m running in the dark, as I do in the winter, when the sun withdraws and nature rests.

There’s no light in the sky. But while they say it is darkest before the dawn, I can see everything.

Night vision finds me, this secret gift, given afresh each day, making darkness and light all the same.

The leafless trees stand in clear silhouette; the lie of the land both seen and felt.

All is quite clear as I make my way and it always surprises.

Looking out from my well-lit kitchen, I’d have declared it dark.

But now as I run, we must find a better word, for I find nothing is hidden and everything is known as I move.

In fact, only the light makes me blind today and who would imagine that?

‘Light reveals,’ they say.

But today, only light makes me blind: the harsh torch light of a walker in my face or the glaring headlights of a car.

The bright and insensitive beams wound my seeing; they extinguish sight and leave me stuck, unsure and stumbling…I can’t see anything.

The dark is light enough; let this be known to all who live it.

The dark is light enough; needing no bright solution.

In trust, the dark holds all the light we cannot see.