Testimonials of personal therapy

Read below for testimonials of Simon’s work in personal therapy.

‘In my experience, Simon is unique in his ability to truly listen and understand one’s situation.’ TM

‘I have been seeing Simon for just over a year and a half now and have seen some great results. He has helped me discover more parts of my authentic self, and in turn has reversed the damaging effects of my previously destructive personality. I highly recommend him.’ WT

‘A wise, attentive, grounded listener, and an affirming presence.’ JW

‘When I first saw Simon, I said to him that if I told a therapist my full story, there was a possibility that my head would explode and the therapist would thereafter need therapy. When I told him my full story, my head, thankfully, did not explode, and he seemed fine. Therapy with Simon changed my life – my thinking and my understanding. Very subtly, gently and intuitively, he helped me to see my sadness and my grief in another light; the light of honesty and compassion, for myself and for others. I am thankful to him.’ HF

‘Working with Simon has been the hardest thing I have ever done, but equally the most transformative and life-enhancing. His gift of being able to speak or reveal hard truths and insights is coupled with a deep, genuine love and desire for one’s greater good, which enables one to trust him and one’s self on the journey.’ RG

‘I have never once left a conversation with Simon without feeling better than I did beforehand. It not only feels like a genuine conversation, and in a comfortable space, but one that sheds light on the biggest blocks as though they were always very simple. Something very impressive to achieve, in my experience. The best and most genuine rapport I’ve ever built with a therapist and the most effective counselling I’ve received, more so than any of the specialised psychiatrists or therapists I’ve tried since my diagnosis of chronic illness. I couldn’t recommend Simon enough.’ IL

‘Our talks have literally changed my life – I have never been happier. Simon is a unique guide, able to inspire valuable insights and navigate all aspects of challenge, relationship and spirit.’ AVF

‘The space always feels safe, and I am incredibly grateful for it and for Simon’s good listening and down to earth wisdom.’ SG

‘Simon walked alongside me on my journey to a brighter future. His genuine kindness was a reassuring hand on my shoulder, and his wisdom a compass that gently guided.’ CM