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The constant gardener

Posted by Simon Parke, 23 May 2022

In John le Carre’s powerful story, The Constant Gardener the lead character is a diplomat who is a keen flower-and-shrub man.

A colleague says that he even dreams of weed-free gardens; maybe all gardeners do.

But it is only a dream, because weeds are a given, in one form or another.

Entropy is the natural tendency towards disorder…

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Leadership. A camel's point of view.

Posted by Simon Parke, 18 May 2022

Leadership is an honour but a difficult one; it brings responsibilities.

Though being led by you may also be difficult. Leaders don’t always consider this.

As the Egyptian proverb says, ‘Never ask the camel what they think of the camel-driver’.

The leader sets the climate…

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Buttercups and the power of influence

Posted by Simon Parke, 16 May 2022

I am on an early morning run.

I approach buttercups in the long grass, swaying deep yellow in the breeze; a startling glory.

And then on the mown grass, next to the long grass…

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A stupid candle?

Posted by Simon Parke, 12 May 2022

‘I don’t want to sound stupid,’ says Lydia.

She has phoned in to a popular Ukraine podcast, full of heroic stories and examples of bravery.

And she’s not an expert or anything, not a journalist, not a hero…just a student in middle-England.

‘I don’t want to sound stupid,’ she says, and I do wonder what she’s going to say. Will it be embarassing?...

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And what if?

Posted by Simon Parke, 28 Apr 2022

and what if -

more than anything

and contrary to everything -

I was not here to judge

not here to learn

not here to worry…

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Cover of A Hearse at Midnight

A young man’s body is discovered at the seaside beauty spot of Splash Point. He drowns beneath a cold, uncaring moon; and it proves to be a ‘hungry death’, not sated by one unfortunate corpse. There must, and will, be more.

Cover of Gospel: Rumours of Love

‘Meet Jesus unplugged,’ writes former Fleet Street editor, Richard Addis, after reading Simon’s latest novel, Gospel: Rumours of Love. ‘In a stunning act of imagination, Simon Parke shatters every stained glass window in your mind.’

Cover of Solitude

In Solitude: Recovering the power of alone, Simon describes solitude as the active path to inner silence and takes us on an enthralling journey there. In a world of haste and distraction, he commends the way of stillness and withdrawal where we can ‘recover the power of alone’.

Julian of Norwich

I've been working with musical theatre composer Martin Hoile on a musical based on the life and work of Julian of Norwich. Hear the songs and read about the musical here: All Shall Be Well.


In this retreat, we’ll walk with Vincent van Gogh through his remarkable life, featuring Amsterdam, London, Paris, Arles and Auvers, and note any coincidence with our own. This is a silent retreat with daily sessions and prayers.

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