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My holiday notes - I think I saw you

Posted by Simon Parke, 29 Sep 2022

The sea shifts, adjusts, invites and holds.

The sun melts, warms, lights and exposes.

The mountain is rock, solid, sparse, itself and eternal…

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Shape-shifters anonymous

Posted by Simon Parke, 26 Sep 2022

Shape-shifting among politicians is normal, if sometimes breath-taking.

Prime Minister Liz Truss, for instance, was clear and forthright against Brexit before the vote; and clear and forthright for Brexit after the vote.

There’s a thing.

But before I judge too harshly, I may need to consider my own shape-shifting antics….

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The conscious life

Posted by Simon Parke, 21 Sep 2022

I’d like to ponder consciousness for a moment.

Most imagine themselves to be conscious. Perhaps you do.

We talk about being ‘knocked unconscious’ or ‘recovering consciousness’ after a shock of some sort.

But the general sense is that, apart from particular incidents, we walk around being conscious.

I am less sure about this…

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There is light

Posted by Simon Parke, 5 Sep 2022

There is light, still light at your centre, a strong quiet flame.

It lights your soul entire, revealing your glory like sun across the beach.

We lose it, this light.

It is not always known by us or seen by us, it becomes unknown…

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The day Vincent Van Gogh was praised

Posted by Simon Parke, 23 Aug 2022

When Vincent was in the mental asylum in St Remy, something amazing happened in Paris.

Vincent was familiar with a sense of failure in life. At this point, his relationships and life-dreams lay in tatters. And though he was painting a great deal, no one much liked what he did.

It is possible he had sold one picture to Pere Tanguy; but probably no more.

And then Albert Aurier, the flamboyant young art critic, appeared…

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Cover of A Hearse at Midnight

A young man’s body is discovered at the seaside beauty spot of Splash Point. He drowns beneath a cold, uncaring moon; and it proves to be a ‘hungry death’, not sated by one unfortunate corpse. There must, and will, be more.

Cover of Gospel: Rumours of Love

‘Meet Jesus unplugged,’ writes former Fleet Street editor, Richard Addis, after reading Simon’s latest novel, Gospel: Rumours of Love. ‘In a stunning act of imagination, Simon Parke shatters every stained glass window in your mind.’

Cover of Solitude

In Solitude: Recovering the power of alone, Simon describes solitude as the active path to inner silence and takes us on an enthralling journey there. In a world of haste and distraction, he commends the way of stillness and withdrawal where we can ‘recover the power of alone’.

Julian of Norwich

I've been working with musical theatre composer Martin Hoile on a musical based on the life and work of Julian of Norwich. Hear the songs and read about the musical here: All Shall Be Well.


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