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And so to rest

Posted by Simon Parke, 25 Feb 2020

i’m taking a blogging rest for lent

sometimes there’s just nothing to do, nothing to say, nothing to achieve

sometimes there’s no one to please, no standard to meet, no future to make

there’s only rest and rest’s mercy…

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Jean Vanier, a fall from grace

Posted by Simon Parke, 24 Feb 2020

Vanier was a giant of a man, physically and spiritually; or at least he appeared to be. Perhaps you have read his books, and know the L’Arche story.

He was a man who spoke eloquently about human dignity, especially the dignity of the disabled…and he was a fraud…

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Happy endings?

Posted by Simon Parke, 24 Feb 2020

Do happy endings exist?

There was once a young woman called Jeanette. She was taking her driving test, after failing the first time. When she passed the test, her friends and family were delighted.

‘Great news about you passing your driving test!’ they declared…

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On crime fiction and saviours

Posted by Simon Parke, 18 Feb 2020

Crime fiction…it inhabits the darkness.

It starts with fracture, ‘the zero hour’, as Agatha Christie called it; the chase, the fear, the scream, the killing and the cover-up.

And then into the darkness comes the detective - trying to make sense of things; trying to bring order to a disordered world.

There’s something redemptive here, something about a saviour…

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Normal crazy people

Posted by Simon Parke, 17 Feb 2020

‘Normal crazy people,’ we are sometimes called; it is a good description.

And ‘normal’ is not to be mistaken for healthy. If we are normal, it just means that we are accepting and obeying the norms around us; whatever those norms happen to be.

‘Crazy’ means we are not in control…

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Cover of The Secret Testament of Julian

Julian of Norwich, contemporary of both Chaucer and Langland, was the first woman to write a book in English. Yet remarkably, she disappeared from view for 600 years, before her rediscovery in the 20th century. My new novel is Julian’s own telling of her life.

Cover of Another Bloody Retreat

In the first of my Abbot Peter mysteries, in a prequel to the Abbot’s Stormhaven adventures, Peter takes us back to the monastery of St James-the-Less. There in the shadows of Mt Sinai, Abbot Peter faces a discomforting cocktail of deception, delusion and death.


Using stories, meditations, interaction and silence, this quiet day at the Medatio Centre in London, based on my book, The Journey Home, will give space for the scars and misdirections, as well as the light, the love and the healing.

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