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Life on the road - a review

Posted by Simon Parke, 24 Aug 2016

David Brent has returned in a movie, Life on the road.

The former boss of Wernham Hogg, Slough’s finest paper merchants, is now a rep for Lavichem selling cleaning aids and tampons.

But his dream is to perform his songs, to get out there on the road with a band, to live the rock ‘n’ roll life. So taking unpaid leave from selling carpet brushes, he manages to arrange a nationwide tour – of Berkshire…

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Love, actually...with Rilke

Posted by Simon Parke, 23 Aug 2016

There’s nothing quite so dull as someone waxing lyrical about the glory of love. It can have an abstract, ‘if only’ feel to it; no worse, a sense of inauthenticity, the writer’s life not quite matching their intoxicated words.

And if they can’t themselves live what they speak of, then really what’s the point? Love as just another fairy tale.

So when I come across a writer who makes love a true story, then I take note.

And such a man is Rainer Maria Rilke…

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This terrible sea

Posted by Simon Parke, 23 Aug 2016

We stand on the Seaford shore alone.

It’s early and windy and the waves tumble in, rolling menace, smashing foam on the stones.

But we’ve turned up, we’re in our trunks and we run in, run towards the waves like the charge of the light brigade, into the valley of death…

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Cover of A (Very) Public School Murder

My latest book A (Very) Public School Murder is published on 19 May by Marylebone House. Abbot Peter and his niece DI Tamsin Shah, investigate murder when the local school’s Headmaster, Jamie King, is found dead at the bottom of Stormhaven’s famous white cliffs. Read more and pre-order your copy.

Simon's Mindful Lifebelts app

Mindful Lifebelts is an app to help when life is difficult; or preferably, to prevent it becoming so. The short meditations come in both written and audio form, spoken by Simon.

A contemplative few days based around Simon's book, The Beautiful Life, now republished as The Journey Home. The retreat features meditation, silence, community and teaching.

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