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In the beginning

Posted by Simon Parke, 1 Sep 2014

Do you remember the beginning of time?

When all was formless, fragile and unknowing.

There was space and gas and nothing…the odds against creation.

What good could ever come of this expanding absence, this endless hole of nothing?..

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The end of a season

Posted by Simon Parke, 31 Aug 2014

At the end of a season, I always return to this poem by Robert Frost.

I don’t know your feelings at this time.

But maybe they are in here somewhere…

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What do I do with the news?

Posted by Simon Parke, 29 Aug 2014

‘It’s hard to watch the news these days,’ he said.

‘There’s so much suffering, I don’t know what to do with all the pain.’

It’s true.

There is a lot of suffering on the news, whether in Gaza, Syria or Rotherham…

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Cover of A Director's Cut

Set in the seaside town of Stormhaven, the third Abbot Peter mystery, A Director’s Cut, opens the curtain on a dark tale of murder and revenge in theatreland. Abbot Peter and his niece DI Tamsin Shah, are drawn like lambs to the slaughter into the grievance behind the greasepaint and a rage behind the stage.

Cover of One Minute Meditation

A book of short meditations for use wherever you find yourself: on the bus, at the doctors, in your bedroom or by the pool.

A contemplative few days based around Simon's book, The Beautiful Life, now republished as The Journey Home. The retreat features meditation, silence, community and teaching.

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