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The day I became a haunted house

Posted by Simon Parke, 22 Nov 2021

Some people believe houses are haunted; and it could be.

Though there’s more evidence for humans being haunted.

Humans like me, for instance.

Sometimes I declare myself worried. ‘I am so worried,’ I say and believe it to be so…

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If self-loathing were a train...

Posted by Simon Parke, 15 Nov 2021

Life brings us enemies.

Enemies long remembered and very present enemies.

Enemies at school.

Enemies at the school gate.

Enemies at work.

Family enemies….

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How to spot sanity

Posted by Simon Parke, 11 Nov 2021

What traits reveal the presence of sanity?

It’s helpful to know.

To meet someone who is sane is to meet a gracious and spacious presence, open to all people, available for all things, yet holding on to none.

Fluid in spirit, they will be as happy on the territory of others as they are on their own.

They will know clean truth…

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If God were a burglar

Posted by Simon Parke, 8 Nov 2021

The International Labelling Laboratory, (also known as ILL) divides everyone up by labelling them.

It labels black, white, trans, gay, jew, atheist, christian, brexiteer, remainer, vegan, left, right, woke, gammon, young, old, male, female, paki, etonian, so many labels, it’s got many more than these.

ILL uses these labels to define people: friend or foe, good or bad, them and us…

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The real reason people like the clown

Posted by Simon Parke, 8 Nov 2021

‘Why do people like me?’ asks the clown, still surprised at the warmth shown to him. ‘Is it because I make them laugh?’

‘They enjoy laughing, certainly,’ says his friend.

‘And I suppose my large shoes, colourful clothes and big smile?..’

‘They enjoy those too.’

‘But you don’t think they’re the real reason?’...

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Cover of A Hearse at Midnight

A young man’s body is discovered at the seaside beauty spot of Splash Point. He drowns beneath a cold, uncaring moon; and it proves to be a ‘hungry death’, not sated by one unfortunate corpse. There must, and will, be more.

Cover of Gospel: Rumours of Love

‘Meet Jesus unplugged,’ writes former Fleet Street editor, Richard Addis, after reading Simon’s latest novel, Gospel: Rumours of Love. ‘In a stunning act of imagination, Simon Parke shatters every stained glass window in your mind.’

Cover of Solitude

In Solitude: Recovering the power of alone, Simon describes solitude as the active path to inner silence and takes us on an enthralling journey there. In a world of haste and distraction, he commends the way of stillness and withdrawal where we can ‘recover the power of alone’.

Julian of Norwich

I've been working with musical theatre composer Martin Hoile on a musical based on the life and work of Julian of Norwich. Hear the songs and read about the musical here: All Shall Be Well.


In this retreat, we’ll walk with Vincent van Gogh through his remarkable life, featuring Amsterdam, London, Paris, Arles and Auvers, and note any coincidence with our own. This is a silent retreat with daily sessions and prayers.

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