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A conference or a retreat?

Posted by Simon Parke, 22 Feb 2019

Where exactly a conference ends and a retreat begins is hard to say.

But they are different creatures and not the same.

It is even questionable whether they are the same species…

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Leaving the wilderness

Posted by Simon Parke, 22 Feb 2019

We don’t always know when we arrive in the wilderness.

The desert is a place of simplicity, energy and clarity.

The wilderness, one of isolation, stumbling and stress.

But for me, there were no signs to announce I was leaving…

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Working with change

Posted by Simon Parke, 21 Feb 2019

The trouble with ‘letting go’ of things is that, however hard we try, we usually don’t; we keep hold.

When something is plaguing us in some way, we’re sometimes encouraged to ‘just let go’...and it sounds both easy and sensible.

But letting go of an issue is not like letting go of a balloon…

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The Pendulum Circus

Posted by Simon Parke, 13 Feb 2019

In the famous Pendulum Circus, things certainly go with a swing, from one mad certainty to another.

‘Nothing too extreme!’ declare the posters but with the ringmaster absent, a conflict occurs.

The Dark Clowns – old Trumpet, Boriss and Farago – joke, leer and smear…

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The good leader

Posted by Simon Parke, 11 Feb 2019

There’s no right way to lead; different personalities lead in different ways, bringing both strengths and weaknesses to the task.

Promotion doesn’t remove our flaws and cracks; if anything, it exposes them.

So the good leader will know what they can and can’t do; and will always make sure there’s a team around them who can make up for their deficiencies…

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Cover of The Secret Testament of Julian

Julian of Norwich, contemporary of both Chaucer and Langland, was the first woman to write a book in English. Yet remarkably, she disappeared from view for 600 years, before her rediscovery in the 20th century. My new novel is Julian’s own telling of her life.

Cover of Another Bloody Retreat

In the first of my Abbot Peter mysteries, in a prequel to the Abbot’s Stormhaven adventures, Peter takes us back to the monastery of St James-the-Less. There in the shadows of Mt Sinai, Abbot Peter faces a discomforting cocktail of deception, delusion and death.


No matter where you are on the Enneagram journey, whether a beginner or some way down the path, here is safe, insightful space for exploration of this deep, disturbing and liberating teaching.

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