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On visiting an empty church

Posted by Simon Parke, 14 Feb 2016

I wondered if it might be open.

An 11th century church at the bottom of my road…they generally keep it open.

Pushing at the big wooden door, stepping inside the stillness…

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The disturbing kindly truth

Posted by Simon Parke, 12 Feb 2016

One of my favourite spiritual writers of the 20th century was HA Williams.

Here he is talking about truth, and our ambivalent relationship to it.

It’s part of a sermon he preached…

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When I get to heaven

Posted by Simon Parke, 10 Feb 2016

My poem of the week is by Rhian Roberts and called ‘When I get to heaven.’

Rhian lives and works in London whilst remaining ‘most definitely Welsh’. She’s always written, ‘mostly words for other people to say out loud on the radio’.

She’s also put together one collection of poems - ‘She’s let herself go’ -  and is about to publish another.

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Cover of One Minute Mindfulness

My book One Minute Mindfulness has been re-published by Hay House, with additional material – and a sparkling new cover! Here are stories and reflections to help us see through clear eyes, return to the present moment and remain there.

Simon's Mindful Lifebelts app

Mindful Lifebelts is an app to help when life is difficult; or preferably, to prevent it becoming so. The short meditations come in both written and audio form, spoken by Simon.

What is the Enneagram? How can it help me? In a contemplative climate, Simon offers the chance to reflect more deeply on this profound understanding of personality types. This week is both for beginners and for those who have travelled a little with this teaching, but would like to give it more time to permeate their lives.

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