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Solitude and loneliness: the difference

Posted by Simon Parke, 30 Mar 2020

I wrote this piece in 2011; different times indeed. But I sense it remains topical.

Lets’s see…

LADY GAGA dug deep into the basket of self-revelation recently. Speaking to Star TV, she spoke of a secret marriage. And I was not best pleased…

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No Man is an Island

Posted by Simon Parke, 27 Mar 2020

Strangely, perhaps as we self-isolate, we begin to remember that we are one;

Some distant memory re-awakened, we may hear John Donne’s famous poem afresh.

No Man is an Island

No man is an island entire of itself…

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A meditation for anxious times

Posted by Simon Parke, 26 Mar 2020

These are dismantling times when anxiety runs free and in terror, we have a thousand demands.

But sometimes we do body and spirit a favour by easing back from our demands become inside ourselves a pair of scales, evenly-weighted and resting…

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Julian - and heroic self-isolation

Posted by Simon Parke, 23 Mar 2020

It is strange how contemporary the past can suddenly feel.

I recently wrote a novel about a woman who self-isolated…for forty years. She could scarcely have been less contemporary. Who in their right mind self-isolates?

And yet now her story is going viral…so to speak. Who’d have thought it?...

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My Coronavirus survival kit

Posted by Simon Parke, 23 Mar 2020

I write about living these times.

We are all experiencing crisis in different ways. Last week, I watched my livelihood, patiently built, disappear in three days. You will have your own story and it may be much worse.

So I write this morning not to try and make sense of it…but to help myself live it…

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Cover of The Secret Testament of Julian

Julian of Norwich, contemporary of both Chaucer and Langland, was the first woman to write a book in English. Yet remarkably, she disappeared from view for 600 years, before her rediscovery in the 20th century. My new novel is Julian’s own telling of her life.

Cover of Another Bloody Retreat

In the first of my Abbot Peter mysteries, in a prequel to the Abbot’s Stormhaven adventures, Peter takes us back to the monastery of St James-the-Less. There in the shadows of Mt Sinai, Abbot Peter faces a discomforting cocktail of deception, delusion and death.


An audio version of my quiet day at the Medatio Centre in London. Sit back, self-isolate and enjoy... and pause when necessary. The truth may be in the pause...


Headteachers from the Colchester area take some time out from the educational coal-face to ponder their loves and look after the inner fire.

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