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Personal consultancy

I offer both face-to-face meetings and meetings via Zoom or phone.

I am based in Seaford, if you would like a trip to the sea; or Zoom or phone can connect us without you leaving your front room.

For some, the travel is part of the experience, a sense of pilgrimage. But for many, it isn’t a possibility; and Zoom or phone serve well.

I don’t work to a particular approach: I just live the story in front of me and the transactions presently taking place, both internally and externally.

But because labels are sometimes a helpful short-hand, here are some labels:

Enneagram insight – a space to work with the insights of this ancient, yet ever modern of self-understanding. Follow this link to read more about the Enneagram. I have also written an Enneagram book called, The Enneagram: A Private Session with the World’s Greatest Psychologist, published by White Crow.

Spiritual direction – space for you to consider your ever-changing spiritual journey. It is an opportunity to consider those things which lift you; and those which depress you; a chance to consider what is dying in you; and what is emerging. And who and where is God in this story?

Witness therapy – space for your story to be told and heard in an affirming and supportive setting. In order to move on, everyone needs a witness to what has been. The answers to your future lie in your felt experience and understanding of your past.

Work supervision – a safe place to consider who you are at work and how best you can deal with people and situations in that setting. Should I be changing my job? How do I handle my manager?

Mindfulness work – moving through past entanglements and future anxieties to the clear-sightedness and fresh energy of the present; to the power of now. I have written a book of mindful meditations called One Minute Mindfulness, published by Hay House.

Making contact

If you would like to talk about consultancy, please contact me here.


‘My name is Kim Furnish. I’m a social worker in Hampshire and I began seeing Simon when I was going through a difficult time in my personal life and the work we did together helped me to stay emotionally healthy. Through our meetings I gained a stronger sense of self, which gives me the confidence and objectivity to be effective in my work. Simon is warm and compassionate, and he challenged me when I needed it. He is a joy to work with.’



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