A discovery beneath the rubble

She was found beneath the rubble when the search had been called off.

They’d said there was little hope, given the nature of the collapse, the way things had fallen.

Events had left everyone in shock, no one saw it coming; and then came the despair – despair and anger at various people involved.

And on a grey Monday morning, which was somehow appropriate, the search was officially ended, all hope locked down.

There was a short press conference of regret and then the cars and vans pulled away. They had done what they could and it was unreasonable to expect more.

Though when they had left, it was then she was found.

She was discovered beneath a huge beam which had protected her from the debris of events.

‘The beam was massive,’ said one of the young helpers. ‘Beneath that, she was safe from anything.’

Those who found her said they’d almost given up themselves.

‘Everyone had given up though somehow we carried on. And then suddenly, we heard her singing and there she was – joy.’

Life is difficult; but sometimes, beneath the rubble, joy sings.

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