A love affair on Zoom

Hello Rob! Good to see you, even on a screen! Is your audio on? You need to press something.


Hello Mandy – sorry, my audio wasn’t on

I thought we might –

Hang on a sec, trouble this end – it’s telling me our connection is unstable

It hasn’t been good

Sorry – I missed that

Sorry – I missed that

You’re sounding strange

We’ll just do our best, Rob, it’s not ideal, but better than

It’s been a bit of a rush today – that’s why I’m late

You said you weren’t happy

I’m sorry?

You said you weren’t – can you hear me? You look like you can’t

I’m only hear a little of what you say

You’re not responding

You’re a mystery this end

I’m getting nothing. Are you hearing what I say?

I can’t talk for long

I just wondered why you’re not happy

You’re freezing

I always tried to care, but

No, your image is freezing. Can you hear me?

Can you hear me? Rob?

I hear you sometimes, then you go all funny

Can you hear me now?

Now you’re freezing again, weird look

We could talk on the phone

Missed that

I said we could talk on the phone

We’re breaking up, I think

I know – so shall we talk on the phone? You don’t always answer

We’re breaking up

Did you hear what I said, Rob? Shall we try again?

The connection’s unstable

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