A picture of virtue

I am watching the road and this is what I see.

The cat gives way to the old lady because she’s big and has a stick.

The old lady gives way to the bicycle because she’s frail and the bicycle’s travelling fast.

The bicycle gives way to the scooter because the scooter has more power and a protective shield.

The scooter gives way to the car, because – well, obviously.

The car gives way to the bus for similar reasons; the bus is enormous.

The bus gives way to the giant crane transporter because the transporter is a monster vehicle – towering and menacing metal.

This is how the world works, by quiet intimidation, by everyone knowing their place.

Each of us humble, until we have the power.

Only when the giant crane transporter gives way to the cat is there virtue.

Until then, it’s the dull common-sense of self-interest.



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