A room of one’s own

If the flute is clogged, no air, and therefore no music, can come through.

And if we are clogged by old ways and assumptions – knickknacks from our past, stale fears, worn-out opinions – there can be no heart shrine inside, from which to hear and feel fresh things.

Jesus calls this ‘our inner room.’

Virginia Woolf called it ‘a room of one’s own’.

To create such a room, a heart shrine, requires significant de-cluttering and letting go.


It might start in the heart-lung area of your body, where blood and air collaborate to let go of what’s needed with each exhalation; and to take in what’s needed with each inhalation.

If we can breathe just one conscious breath in the day, it is perhaps one more than yesterday, and something to build on. Tomorrow, it could be two.

And as the heart shrine appears – slowly, it cannot be rushed – allow the silence. Let your breathing and your heart beat create silence first of all… and peace.

Whatever the circumstance, silence and peace; you’re there.

Beneath this is pure energy and fulness of being.

But inner silence is the heart shrine, our destination, maybe once or twice a day, our inner room, a room of our own…

...from which to live, dance and love.

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