Advent notes: beyond the playground

Come with me now, my child

Come away from the crowd, from the noise and the playground fights, from the rights and the wrongs, from the he-said, she-said

Let me lead you away, just for moment, the playground can wait

You are tired and you are hurting, tears so close, it has all been too much

Your little body rings like a bell, caught in the frenzy, pulled and smacked about

It carries too much, holds too much inside, forces unknown

Such feelings explode, such feelings held in, sealed and screwed tight down

Your mind a monkey house in a panic, too mad to be calmed

Your breathing too shallow to heal

So ease away from the crowd, my child, though everything says stay, there is life elsewhere, more of you elsewhere

You need not say a word, there are no words

Just your heart and the winter moon

Just your hopes and a winter fire

A kinder light knows you here, a place of greater safety and the slow recovery of your beautiful soul

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