Advent notes: The four walls

Which wall are you behind today as life hurtles in and around you?

It may vary as the day unfolds; there’s a season for them all.

Behind the thick stone wall, with bricked-up windows, we don’t see much in the gloom. We are isolated but private, and safe from attack.

And sometimes we must go there.

Behind the glass door, we’re protected by a solid shell, though open-plan in view. We are exposed, we cannot hide – but inside and outside are clearly defined, well-drawn boundaries.

And sometimes we go there.

Behind the paper screens, moveable and flimsy partitions, we can reach through the gaps. Light and air come in and out, with only the thinnest skin of protection. It separates in its way, but asks trust of us.

And sometimes we can go there.

Behind the space, there is no behind; when all barriers are dissolved there is only fresh air and contact with all things, vulnerable connection.

And sometimes we can go there.

Shall it be stone, glass, paper or air? Our seasons vary.

Today, without judgement, we notice who or what brings a change of walling…

(With thanks to Jon Baylin)

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