Advent with Meister Eckhart: Day 1

‘Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.’ Meister Eckhart

A wonderful and liberating first thought for our day from this dangerous 14th century mystic.

As we turn off the alarm, we think, ‘beginner.’

If every morning we know no thing, some thing might occur.

But if every morning we know everything, life is a tired and bleak repeat.

This is a constant theme for the Meister. (Meaning ‘Master’, a name given to him. He didn’t give it to himself.)

‘To the one who knows nothing, all shall be revealed,’ he says, which shocks in this age of obsessive information-gathering.

So never let anyone make you an expert; nor make one of yourself. This is not how it is, we are beginners.

Life – a constant and kind dismantlement of me, starting afresh, and keeping me fresh, each morning.

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