Advent with Meister Eckhart Day 24

‘What does it avail me if the birth is always happening, if it does not happen to me?’

And Eckhart continues: ‘That it should happen to me is what matters!’

The physical birth of Jesus in the stable is one thing.

But for Eckhart, even at Christmas, the birth of God in his soul is a more pressing matter; and much of his writing is concerned with creating an inner stable where this birth can occur.

He continues: ‘Why did the indescribable God take on flesh? In order that God may be born in the soul and the soul be born in God.

That is why the whole of scripture was written and why God created the whole of the world and all the orders of angels: so that God could be born in the soul and the soul in God.’

This cracked and crying Christmas, you are the stable; you are the divine union and you, the deep mystery of joy.

And things such as this, concerning our inmost selves, they cannot be locked down.

Thank you for your company on this Advent journey with the Meister. Strange times.

And now strength and soul this Christmas; and through the cracks, light.


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