Advent with Meister Eckhart Day 6

‘The truly humble soul has no need to pray to God for anything.’

Eckhart continues: ‘This person now dwells in unhampered freedom and pure nakedness…for whatever belongs to God belongs to them. This humble soul has as much power over God as over himself, and all the good that is in all the angels and all the saints is as much his own as it is God’s own.’

Humility is the kind and accurate assessment of one self. The humble soul neither justifies nor condemns themselves; but lives in the happy realism of the accepted.

And, like a flower to the honey bee, this is very attractive to God.

Eckhart, despite being a Prior for much of his life, here by-passes church rules and sacraments and says that what really draws God to us is our attitudes.

True humility, (not to be confused with low self worth) is like an open door in a person…

…and God rushes in.

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