An act of self-care

If we wish to save the world, we must first look after ourselves, or we have nothing to offer.

Someone recently asked me how to do this and I offered something incredibly simple, which takes ten minutes a day. (We’ll be realistic.)

Here goes…

1) Find a quiet place with phone on silent…you may need to resist temptation to say ‘I’m too busy’. You aren’t.

2) Ten deep breaths…that is, slow down, calm mind rather than mad mind; open the portals of your whole body to awareness and grace

3) Some insightful reading or listening…no more than 300 words, though, or it becomes too cerebral where there is no growth

4) A little reflection on your present experience, the day past or ahead, the ups and downs; and all without self-judgement. …what did you feel? What couldn’t you accept? When did love or light break through?

6) Allow all thoughts and feelings, but notice when one kidnaps you… and then simply return to yourself. You are neither your thoughts nor your feelings.

7) Name one intention for the day ahead…a virtue you would like to embody, perhaps, or a pit fall or pattern of behaviour to avoid?

8) To close: ‘All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.’

Or, ‘For all that has been, Thank you; for all that shall be, Yes.’

Or, something else.

Wonderful! What a human being you are, to dare such things!

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