As we walk by the light of the moon

For a while, and with some happiness, we walk by the light of the sun.

The luminosity and dazzle of long summers, playful and bright

All is clear on the horizon of our plans, ‘We love the sun!’ everyone yells.

And we say we love it too and run and strive in its light.

We see everything, know everything, our path broad and wide beneath this lustrous yellow blaze.

No shadows noticed on the way, shadows are for wimps, we’ll get there, we imagine so

Though one day, hot and tired, skin dry, jaded eyes,

And gasping for breath from the journey, oppressed by trickling sweat and somehow sad, somehow cracked

We find a different light, (it happens unbidden) where the obvious is now less so, though simpler, a good deal simpler, and one step at a time.

It proves a more hidden way – ‘More like darkness than hidden!’ the sun people joke.

Though, as our walk reveals, it is sometimes a darkness brighter than the sun

As we walk by the light of the moon today

As we walk by the light of the moon.

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