Buttercups and the power of influence

I am on an early morning run.

I approach buttercups in the long grass, swaying deep yellow in the breeze; a startling glory.

And then on the mown grass, next to the long grass, I see hints of yellow too.

From a distance, I wonder if some buttercup petals have blown there, whisked by the wind onto the short grass.

But no…on arrival, I see these are new buttercups growing, with their own roots. The long-grass buttercups have re-seeded, their colourful influence spreading in the park.

Influence does spread, good influence and bad, whether at home, or at work, or in the political sphere.

Imagine if today your influence was like the spreading of buttercups

This meditation is taken from my book One Minute Meditation published by Whitecrow.

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