Chaos, the benefits

Chaos is inevitable.

It’s a principle of science, of business and the human psyche: at some point, order must give way to disorder.


So that something new, something previously unimagined, can emerge.

As every painter and writer knows, the vision you start with must fail, prove impossible, collapse and die…for something truer and stronger to emerge.

It must be the same sense of chaos and mess the seed feels as it disintegrates in the soil…unaware that it will soon be a flower.

It’s a difficult but necessary transition.

So if there is chaos in our life, some break down of what once seemed ordered, a sense of mess, we’ll not panic and turn to blame of ourselves or others.

Instead, we’ll speak how we feel, cry when we need to, sit with our despair – but breathe in trust.

We’ll breathe into the truth that at some point, order must become disorder, like the seed, so that new things can emerge.

Chaos is never the end.


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