Do I fear being myself?

I meet many people who give others great power over them; and so become fearful of being themselves.

Perhaps they fear what others might think of them.

Or fear they’ll make someone feel bad if they speak the truth.

Or feel they that only really exist in this relationship; so however bad, they must save it, take the blame and not offend.

‘I thought it was love,’ as one of them said.

On this path, our strength and vitality can become extinguished; and our life, inauthentic, something defined by others.

So as you contemplate an uncertain future, which our future will always be, Carl Jung has a suggestion about where our life can most helpfully begin. And it isn’t in fear.

‘There is only one way and that is your way.

Why are you looking around for help?

Do you believe help comes from outsiders? What is to come is created in you and by you.

Hence look into yourself. Do not compare, do not measure.

No other way is like yours. All other ways deceive and tempt you.

You must fulfil the way that is in you.’

We’ll not give others power over our journey. 

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