Easing out my ego

And we clear the ego from the room, for it creeps in quietly on occasion

The manager is angry; she hasn’t got her way, that’s the real issue

The mother takes offence at a school gate remark, thinks about it for days, offence growing

The writer rages that his book doesn’t sell, blames all sorts

The carer in a battle with the elderly client; she’ll discreetly make him pay for his stubbornness

The politician is trapped in a slogan – it’s who he is, he must make it work, he’ll take others down

The bishop fumes at his place in the procession; he should be nearer the back

The conversation doesn’t go the way I wish; seeking control, I force it back down my chosen path

The ego – as insecure wind-whipped sand – defines itself against something or someone

It’s all it knows; it exists by dividing

‘Divide and sulk, divide and fume, divide and self-promote, divide and blame, divide and resent…but do divide.’

So on the walk to freedom, we allow things as they are, we allow what is, ourselves and others; allow the two to become one

We leave the battlefield of needy self-promotion and the vanity of offence

Instead, we breathe in the big and wonderful air of our existence

And with self-kindness (because we’ve been here before, and will be again) clear the ego from the room, for it creeps in quietly on occasion and doesn’t help

We ease it out and close the door

Such free space remains, such laughter, such hope

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