Enneagram: The Nine faces of God

The Enneagram adventure is sometimes called ‘The Nine Faces of God’; and we are invited to find the particular face we can offer the world.

I like the positive framing of this.

The Enneagram can cause significant distress and confusion in the early days of encounter, as, rather impolitely, it starts with our central fracture, around which our personality formed.

This fracture is usually well hidden and many struggle to acknowledge it. They prefer their working, though mistaken, self-image left in tact rather than dismantled.

But beyond this brave work is joy…and a truer, and more engaging, face.

From an inner Eden re-discovered, we begin to touch something more authentic about ourselves; and glimpse the shining face of God within.

These things can be known by us…but are not easily expressed in words.

But I now offer – with as few words as possible – a deeply inadequate glimpse of these nine faces, as found in each of the Enneagram numbers.

Despite what some feel, there is no ‘good’ number or ‘bad’ number. Each can be indescribably beautiful when rooted in health; and here is a very brief picture of each.

ONE – Dissolving my protective shell, I become a true visionary, noble and fair. I offer clarity to the world, luminosity.

TWO – Leaving pride and manipulation behind, I am nurturing, humble, living this mystery quite freely, all gift and grace in the world.

THREE – Saved from the power and deceit of image, I am a flame-keeper for truth, for authenticity and a greater purpose.

FOUR – No longer the disappointed ‘aristocrat in exile’, I discover a laughing awareness of the brilliancy of my sweet origins; a sweet coming home.  I know that that nothing is ordinary.

FIVE- Leaving behind isolationist thought, I find a deep knowing of the universe. I offer vulnerable emptiness, poured into the flux and the mystery of this now.

SIX- Leaving behind suspicion, I trust in the kindness of creation, and offer delightful calm and courage to the world.  I offer trust.

SEVEN – Leaving behind separate thought and planning, I find creation unfolds around me, through me, beyond me; I am a contemplative, a beholder, of both pain and delight.

EIGHT – Leaving behind revenge and control, like a strong tree, I offer gentle strength, holding, compassion; the desire for justice turned magnificently outwards.

NINE – Rooted in the experience of unconditional love, I am like a waking child – valued, energised and strong for life and growth; and holding all.

I hope you glimpse yourself here somewhere.

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