For those who carry the world on their shoulders

And so we prise the world from our shoulders, a slow peeling

The weight of the world has weighed heavy, sometimes impossibly so

So heavy, we begin actually to stoop; like Atlas, we bend beneath the load which won’t go away, there’s too much there, digging into our flesh, pressing on our mind

The world makes demands, a thousand every day and each weighs a painful tonne

And so we act, we have no choice or we may collapse – we ease the world from our shoulders

This is allowed, breaking news – we are not asked to carry this load

(no really, we aren’t)

We can care without carrying

We can let go and put the world down, take a rest

We can stand straight again, such lightness of being, so long forgotten

We can care without carrying, and care without carrying

We can ease the world from our shoulders today

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