How to avoid black holes

She felt right on the edge, as if she might have a breakdown.

‘It felt like a black hole,’ she said, ‘drawing me in.’

And it’s a powerful image as we consider our emotional wellbeing.

The black hole lies dormant in space, maybe for thousands of years, until a star passes too close.

Millions of times heavier than the sun, the magnetic force of the hole then draws the star towards it, where it is destroyed, ripped to shreds, literally, appearing as spaghetti in space.

Our black holes are different, the particular forces we are drawn towards; those things which pull us in, drag us down, shred us.

Yours are different from mine.

But in their thrall – and we sometimes only realise late in the day – we forget who we once were, the joy we knew, the relationships at risk, sucked in and enveloped by a terrible gravity from which there seems no escape.

So daily, ease yourself away from its lurking sphere of influence.

Remember who you are, remember your hopes, remember your voice, remember and rehearse everything in your galaxy that gives life, everything that restores you, everything that makes you strong.

Take stock, take care and if necessary, take action today.


For you are a star – and a greater wonder than any that sparkle in our sky.

And you have everything within you to shine; if you look after everything that is within you.

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