How to spot sanity

What traits reveal the presence of sanity?

It’s helpful to know.

To meet someone who is sane is to meet a gracious and spacious presence, open to all people, available for all things, yet holding on to none.

Fluid in spirit, they will be as happy on the territory of others as they are on their own.

They will know clean truth – truth that is the fresh fruit of daring curiosity and clear seeing.

They will display emotional spontaneity, wholly present to the circumstances, yet free of desire to manipulate or control.

They will possess pure will, flowing easily from sweet places within, a deep and strong river of inner guidance.

They will be aware of their purpose, place and action.

They will live from trust, rather than fear. And their agenda, will be the best possible present for all.

They will have no home in themselves but the adventure of unfolding creation; and no energy within but that inspired by thankfulness and wonder.

The sane will let go in order to receive, receive in order to cherish, and cherish in order to understand.

They laugh because they can see, and love because they can do no other.

They are those who have moved from confusion to identity, from action to presence, from separation to communion, and from exploitation to contemplation.

They are, in short, a seed set and nurtured in the soil of their own perfection.

And sanity is a journey…

(Taken from my book, The Journey Home, published by Bloomsbury.)

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