I was very upset

Most of us are easily offended or upset.

Suddenly, our sensitivities are inflamed.

It can be a single remark or a look even; it can be the tone of an e mail (or blog!) or some unexpected event.

Our equilibrium is disturbed, our peace destroyed; it’s like salt in our tea.

Of course, if you put a spoonful of salt in a cup of water, it has a horrid power. That’s a lot of salt for not much liquid and it might make you sick.

If, however, you put the same amout of salt in a jug of water, there is less impact. The salt will be noticed because they are pungent crystals; but not to the same degree, for there’s simply more water to absorb it.

In the jug, the salt will be struggling to gain your attention.

And, to continue on, if you put a spoonful of salt in a lake, it won’t be noticed at all. The lake is way too large, a million gallons of water.

How is a spoonful of salt to have any effect here?

In the lake, the spoonful of salt will be exposed for what it is; just a small spoonful of not very much.

I suppose, as we ponder our capacity for health, we are all aspiring lakes, forever growing in depth and capacity…

...and therefore only briefly disturbed by a spoonful of upset here and there.


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