Jason the Juggler

Jason sits quietly on the pavement as people pass by.

He is surrounded by the tools of his trade, the juggling trade, keeping everything in the air – daily and always.

And you mustn’t drop the prop, golden rule in juggling: DON’T DROP THE PROP!

Jason had juggled with all sorts down the years – balls, sticks, knives, oranges, bean bags…he’d even juggled with fire – flame torches tossed high in the air, spinning around, each one caught and sent flying again.

The crowd like that stunt, and Jason tries to please.

The juggler has to keep the show on the road, no rest at all, keep everything in the air, every damn prop – you must never drop the prop.

Only now Jason sits quietly on the pavement, pondering the tools of his trade and the sky above.

He hasn’t looked at the sky enough.

Some ask why he’s not juggling for them anymore.

‘Why are you just sitting there? We like you when you’re juggling!’

And he explains that he’s taking a break.

‘I’m taking a break,’ he says.

And he is taking a break, for this is his time now.

His time… to recover his soul or whatever.

Sitting there on the pavement, there’s nothing to keep in the air, no show to keep on the road – just a life to love and to ponder.

And Jason feels happy, nervous… and free.

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