Life – in three words

What is life in three words?

Life is process – and therefore a changing shape before our eyes, with nothing fixed.

We cannot grasp it, for that would be like grasping water; like taking hold of air.

By the time our mind locks onto an image, the image has changed; if we stay with that image – and make of it a god or a demon – we stay with something unreal, something now past.

In short, we stay with a casket of bones.

We have only the emptiness through which change occurs, only the space through which life passes; this space is our ground, our place of being…our place to return to when we can.

This space holds everything but controls nothing; it has no power over outcomes.

It is the stage on which these actors perform – but don’t give them a script, don’t insist on certain lines; the play is not yours and they are travelling players, passing through.

We cannot claim them as ours or claw at them to stay; we cannot demand they become the answer to our needs – though our joy at their coming, and our delight at our meeting, may be immense and quite lovely.

And then they must go; and that is lovely too.

Each day, we give up ownership of what is before us and around us; we ease our claws from each moment and allow it to be a living fluid thing; for life is process and we can relax with that.

Today, we own nothing but the space, the emptiness through which all manifestations pass.

Though some say such emptiness is best called fullness…

for that is how it can feel.

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