Managing the present

In a time of high anxiety, often the first thing to be thrown out the window is trust

And when trust goes, it is a frightening world

We’re so busy trying to manage the future, we forget to manage the present

So this is a short meditation about trust. I invite you to still yourself, take a deep breath, and then another  

It’s called ‘Trusting the Day’

Ready?… So, reading slowly….

I will trust this day

I will trust what happens and the way it works out

I will trust it comes to bless, and has no intention other than to hold me in its loving arms

When I lose this trust my behaviour becomes most odd

Sometimes I attempt to control situations and people; or run around like a chicken in a panic

Perhaps I fill my head with worry or my life with distraction

I may start the blame game with myself or others; become smug on my imaginary high ground – or perhaps declare in loud despair: ‘It’s all going wrong, just like it always does!’

As I say, when I lose a sense of trust, my behaviour becomes most odd

So I will trust today and all it brings

For when it is so and the trust is strong

All is quite perfect

And all is quite well; and all is quite well

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