Mindfulness at home

Perhaps mindfulness is most difficult in the home.

Home is where deep-rooted patterns of behaviour have established themselves, and where our reactions are habitual, automatic and often emotionally-charged.

Bringing awareness of the present moment into our home life is both challenging and refreshing.

We begin to notice what we are feeling, moment by moment, and the everyday occurrences and exchanges that cause us to behave in a certain way.

It makes honest people of us.

And even as we notice these things, we place a holy pause in proceedings before our habitual reactions kick in.

One helpful act is to pause at the door of your home before entering.

We stop, breathe...pause.

Whatever we have come from, and whatever we face now, we become a clear space for a moment, before turning the key…and then we take your mindful selves inside.

There is now the possibility that we might respond rather than react…

because the present has no history.

(This is taken from Simon’s book, ‘One Minute Mindfulness’ published by Hay House)

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