My late Christmas

I did not spend long in the stable.

I arrived late, you see, a few days late, due to ‘events beyond my control’, I think they say.

Expectations, other peoples’, have sharp elbows and will not take no for an answer, they really won’t.

Though I did in the end say no, which was the best no ever, a no becoming a yes…because every no to something is a yes to something else.

And so I arrived there, arrived at the stable, arrived at Christmas in the glowing silence which is there beneath the noise.

Quite a surprise.

And I didn’t stay long, as I say, but from there, stepped happily out into the dark, quite without fear.

You know what they say: you cannot travel on, if you have not first arrived.

And now I have, it only takes a moment.

It’s the light I remember as I make my clueless way.

It bruised my eyes with hope.

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