My New Year word

And so we set out, experts only in failed resolutions.

And that’s OK.

We’ll fail again, but fail better; fail with honours, fail brilliantly. And if we resolve courage, we may be all right; it may be all we need.

We will need courage to set out, that’s obvious; without courage, we’d never leave our hallway, which is no place to spend the year.

And we are creatives, each of us, whether at home or work, in community or alone.

We are little gods, we create in this world, by who we are and what we do.

These are our tools, being and doing.

And creativity is not a competition, though the world must make it so – best dancer, best painter, best sewer, and the winner is…

Only there isn’t one.

Does the care worker create more than the sculptor?


Does the father create more than the choreographer?


Does the teacher create more than the fashion designer?


But there’s no competition.

Creativity is an act with no rivals, no opposition, no vying for position; and while applause is nice – it calms our ego – it is secondary, maybe thirdly… fifthly.

You create in the way only you can, and with what only you have…and that is enough.

Though on the starting line, in your flimsy shirt and the cold wind, breathe deep. While you’ve ordered courage, there may be availability issues; you feel alone and fearful.

But somehow you move; enough courage has arrived, just enough; and somehow you get going, one foot in front of another.

And as you move, windows are opened, paths form, creation conspires, in secret alliance, to guide, to connect, to open doors we haven’t even seen.

In short, we find that our courage has friends who wish to play; find ourselves hugged by the journey, in merry conversation with the adventure, which once looked rather lonely.

And you, such an expert in failure…or are you?

The only failure is to stay in the hallway.

And so you set out; whatever your start line, whatever your beginning, you set out.

And maybe at the start, courage is the word.


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