On meeting yourself

Sometimes you simply feel like yourself.

Do you have these moments?

Perhaps you feel more like yourself than you’ve felt since childhood, someone infinitely vulnerable and infinitely free.

And this gives you a clue as to your identity.

In such moments, wherever and whenever they occur, all the protective colouration you have used in the twisted society of your experience – whether family, friends, religion, work…it all dissolves, as if it was never there.

The colouration which has helped you survive, battle and succeed, and which is almost part of you – it drops away, like flaking paint in the wind.

In such moments, you touch a deeper self beyond the shallower self.

It’s all one self, of course – just variations of self at different levels of experience; one self variously lived.

But in such moments, when the protective colouration dissolves, the deeper self becomes apparent, touched briefly.


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