On the benefits of cutting off your head

Thoughts shoot from our mind like bullets from a gun – hard, shiny, lethal….and often mis-directed.

Yet it’s common for people to express their thoughts as though they are somehow true: ‘It’s self-evident to me that…’

Some people still trust their head.

And on occasion, I question people about this, especially those who think they’re so logical.

‘You bestow great honour on your thoughts and imagine them very wise. But have you noticed how different they are when your mood changes? This week you attack me with your thoughts, when last week you were kind to me with your thoughts…and I haven’t changed.’

We won’t worship our head thoughts, granting them some grandiose authority in the moment – for they are mostly fools.

Instead, we watch them come and go for the muddle-headed busybodies they are – until eventually we tire of them.

Because muddle-headed busybodies are very tiring

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