Remember when you were well?

It’s good being well.

When we are well, our primary energies come out to play which is brilliant.

These are energies, like fresh springs, that arise from our truest self and might include such delights as kindness, confidence, clarity, openness, justice, contentment, detachment, depth, capacity, passion, generosity, identity, vitality, initiative and courage.

When we are not so well, and it happens, we tend to fall back on secondary energies which appear in our lives like graffiti scrawled across a masterpiece.

These secondary energies can have a grip of steel on our spirit and often overwhelm us.

Energies like despair, pride, judgement, negativity, resentment, rage, fear, self-pity, jealousy, depression and anxiety have their own bleak force within us.

We won’t argue with them because that really doesn’t work. We’ll speak with them, they all have their reasons – but we won’t argue.

Though neither will we honour them with statues, as if they are valid in any way at all, for they really aren’t.

They’re ghosts.

As D.E.Harding once said, ‘Our happiness is deep-rooted and real; while our despair is shallow-rooted and unreal, born of delusion and ignorance. We suffer because we overlook the fact that we are all right.’

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