Security or adventure?

Sometimes we want security; and sometimes we want freedom to explore.

Sometimes we long for things just the way they are; and sometimes we want to walk out the door, say goodbye to it all and have a massive adventure.

We don’t want change and we do want change.

Sameness can crush us but then change can scare us.

So which way do we jump?

Our feelings vary, they pull us apart. There are such different voices within, some shout loudly, and we need to listen to them as kindly as we can.

They make speak helpfully, they may not; but each has a story; each has a message which needs hearing.

Life is change whether we wish it or not. Our scenery shifts, our bodies change, our dreams alter and people come and go.

‘This too shall pass’.

Our security is allowing it to be so, without clinging, greeting each day as a gift and loving what is.


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