Small things

Each day we are given the strength to do small things; for our life is comprised of such events.

There are no big things; just small things well lived.

Perhaps we do the washing up after supper, chair a meeting, write a card or speak with a world leader.

Perhaps we invoice a client, listen to a child, leave our job, ponder a holiday, make a speech, practice the piano or drive up the motorway.

Perhaps we make coffee for a colleague at work, pilot a plane over France, email a job proposal, ponder a loss, collapse on the sofa or notice a rainbow over the bus stop.

As I say, there are no big things, just small things well lived daily.

Tomorrow’s small things are a mystery, safely beyond our knowing. They need not detain us.

Today’s are enough, arriving like a string of pearls, one after the other.

I do not know what they will become, though I suspect they all add up rather merrily.

As van Gogh said, ‘Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.’

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