Starting again

And so I start again

Clean sheet of paper, anything can be written

All baggage thrown to the wind, sailing away like a balloon in the sky

I’m starting again, starting afresh, anxiety binned, it joins despair

Their flimsy power torn into a thousand pieces by a few deep breaths, by the sight of the sea, by a moment of hope

A surprising dawn of the soul, which may appear at night, it just arrives whenever it does

This starting again, these first steps, like those men on the moon

A sacred letting go, all cherished dreams abandoned here – they make me blind to what is, when what is, is enough

And all fears released, like ashes tipped into the sea – they nibble and gnaw at my spirit no more

I’m starting again, fresh and free for this moment in time; pristine, like some kind of Eden, it’s never gone away; though sometimes I have, calcified by the limescale of life

But not today, fresh grass, springy and damp, beneath my shoe-less feet, with energy for all things

This starting again, my only prayer today

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